How to apply for Kela benefits

The benefits provided by Kela are usually available on application only. The only exceptions are the reimbursements of medical, pharmaceutical and travel expenses, which are available as direct, on-the-spot reimbursements.

Before applying

Before you complete an application

  • learn more about the benefit you are claiming on its dedicated webpage
  • use a benefit calculator to find out if you are eligible
  • check what additional information or documentation you must supply with your application
  • when necessary, contact our customer service.


There is a specific application for each benefit. Applications for most benefits can be submitted via the OmaKela e-service, but for some you must fill in an application form.

Complete the application as carefully as you can and enclose the necessary supporting documents. You can help to avoid delays with the processing of your application by providing all of the necessary information and documents.

If you are unable to submit a written application, you can do so by phone or by visiting a service point. You can also authorise another person to manage your Kela-related affairs for you. More information about handling matters by power of attorney.

Benefits that can be claimed in the OmaKela e-service

Benefits that must claimed on an application form