How to claim reimbursement for occupational health care costs

You need not claim reimbursement afterwards if you are self-employed and get your occupational health services from either

  • the municipal health centre or
  • a private provider of occupational health services who has an agreement with Kela to use payment forwarding for reimbursements of occupational health costs.

Your service provider will deduct the reimbursement available from Kela from its bill and claim reimbursement for itself. You only pay your share of the costs and receive a direct reimbursement for the rest.

Private service providers can use payment forwarding only if you authorise its use in the agreement on occupational health care or in an appendix to the agreement.

If the reimbursement is paid to the service provider, you will not get a notice of decision about the reimbursement. You can ask for a written notice of decision, but must do so within six months of receiving the services.

  • Kela sends the service provider a notice concerning the payment forwarding.
  • Self-employed persons can access Kela’s online customer service to look up information on the reimbursements paid for them.

If a reimbursement is denied wholly or in part, or there is an additional reimbursement, Kela sends a notice of decision to the self-employed person as well as a copy to the service provider. Self-employed persons and service providers both have the possibility to appeal the decision.

If you do not get a direct reimbursement

If the private service provider does not have an agreement with Kela about using payment forwarding, you must first pay for the occupational health services you use and then claim reimbursement from Kela afterwards.

Do as follows:

  1. Fill out the claim form SV 110 TTH, which you will get from the provider of occupational health services. 
  2. Enclose a statement (SV 111 TTH and/or SV 113 TTH), which the private service provider has filled in for you. You can enclose several statements with one claim.
    • Proof of payment is not needed, but Kela may ask you for details when reviewing your claim.
  3. Mail the claim, along with the supporting documents, to the processing centre for occupational health care claims within six months of having paid the costs declared in the claim.
  4. You will receive a written notice of decision on your claim. The decision is accompanied by instructions which you can refer to if you think that the decision is wrong and you want to appeal it.

Claim reimbursement separately for travel costs and costs related to first-aid readiness

Occupational health reimbursements for travel costs and costs related to first-aid readiness must be claimed separately on form Yrittäjän hakemus, Työterveyshuoltoon liittyvät ensiapuvalmiuden ja matkojen kustannukset /Claim by employer, Travel costs and costs related to first-aid readiness as part of occupational health services (SV 116 TTH).

Access Kela’s online customer service to look up your information

You can access Kela’s e-service to see the amount of occupational health costs you have accumulated during the year and how much you have been reimbursed by Kela. The system also tells you the amount of reimbursement funds left for the rest of the year.

Log in to Kela's e-service (in Finnish and Swedish only) using your online bank ID or a mobile ID.

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