Call Kela's phone services

Open Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm.


Families, students, unemployed and housing
020 634 2550

If your matter concerns conscripts, families with children, housing, social assistance, students or unemployment.

Health and pensions
020 634 2650

If your matter concerns the death of a family member, disability, Kela card, European Health Insurance Card, pensioners, rehabilitation or sickness.

International situations
020 634 0200

(1 June to 31 December, open 10 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday)
Social security when moving to or from Finland and in other international situations
(See also Centre for International Affairs)

Call charges

Charges for calling Kela's customer service:

  • calls from a landline phone: standard local network rate
  • calls from a mobile phone: standard mobile rate
  • calls from outside Finland: international rate as applicable

The actual cost depends on your operator. If you have a phone plan, you should check with the operator whether your plan covers calls to 020 numbers.

Calling from outside Finland

If calling from outside Finland, first dial +358 followed by the telephone number of your choice without the first zero. E.g., Pensioners, +358 20 692 222.

Calls from Kela

Any telephone calls from Kela to you show up as originating from an unknown number.

Please note that we record telephone calls to and from our call centre in order to document the transaction and to improve the quality of our service.

Phone services in other languages

Phone service in North Sámi
Tuesday and Thursday 9–11 am
020 634 0402 Customer service in Inari and Skolt Sámi is available via an interpreter.

Phone service in Russian Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10–12 am and 1–3 pm 020 6344 901 The phone service is closed on Wednesday 14 August.

Phone service in Arabic Tuesday to Thursday at 10–12 am and 1–3 pm 020 6344 902 () The phone service is closed on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 August.

Phone service in Somali Monday and Friday at 10–12 am and 1–3 pm 020 634 4905 The phone service is closed on Friday 16 August.