Other languages

Kela's website is in Finnish, SwedishSámi languages (Northern Sámi, Inari Sámi and Skolt Sámi), easy Finnish and English.

Selected information is also available in Finnish Sign Language, Swedish Sign Language, Sami, Russian, Estonian, Kurdish (Sorani), Arabic, Farsi and Somali.

Information about Kela and social security benefits at InfoFinland.fi

Information about Kela and the benefits provided by Kela is also available at InfoFinland, a web portal designed for immigrants in Finland.

InfoFinland offers information in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian, French, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Persian and Arabic.

The language versions are identical. You can move from a specific place in the text directly to the corresponding passage in another language.

Finnish social security at InfoFinland.fi

The page at InfoFinland contains information about the residence-based social security provided by Kela. The information is available in 12 languages.