Who can claim partial sickness allowance

You can be paid partial sickness allowance is you are between 16 and 67 years of age and were employed full time or self-employed when you became unfit for work.


To qualify for the partial sickness allowance, your work schedule must be in compliance with the terms of the collective agreement applied in your field. If there is no applicable collective agreement, full-time work means regular work of 40 hours per week.

If you work two or more part-time jobs at the same time, your work schedule must be at least 35 hours per week.

Talk to your employer about reducing your schedule to 40-60% of the normal hours and about part-time pay. The work you do on a part-time basis can consist of the same tasks you currently perform, or they can be tailored to your existing work capacity. The reduction in working hours can be implemented on a daily or weekly basis, and it must be based on a recommendation from your doctor.

If you have a second job as well as a full-time job, you must reduce your hours in your full-time job and continue  working  in your second job.

An occupational health doctor or other doctor familiar with your circumstances at work draws up a medical statement on form 'B' for the purpose of the partial sickness allowance. The doctor evaluates your fitness for work and your potential for returning to work on a part-time basis. The part-time work must not put your health and recovery at risk.

Two or more part-time jobs

Talk to your employers about reducing your work schedule and about part-time pay. You can make an agreement about reducing your schedule that affects just one job or several, with the end result that your total working hours are reduced by 40-60%. You must make the partial sickness allowance arrangements with all of your employers regardless of how your working hours are reduced.

Your claim must be accompanied by a medical certificate on form B, which includes an evaluation of your fitness for all of your jobs. You may have to provide several certificates to cover all of your jobs.

Self-employed persons

Persons who are self-employed on a full-time basis and insured under the Self-Employed Persons' (YEL) or Farmers' (MYEL) pension schemes can get partial sickness allowance. An occupational health doctor or other doctor familiar with your circumstances will evaluate your fitness for work and your potential for working on a part-time basis without risking your health and recovery. Discuss with your doctor which tasks you must give up and which you can still do while reducing your hours to 40-60% of what they were. Provide a plan for reducing your working hours for example on the claim form. The part-time arrangement must last at least 12 working days.

If you have a second job besides full-time self-employment, you can work part time only in your own business. To qualify for the partial sickness allowance you must set aside your second job altogether during the period of incapacity.