How to book a taxi

If you have the right to use a taxi and get reimbursed by Kela, call the regional dispatch number to book a taxi. That way you will get reimbursed straight away and will only pay up to the amount of the appropriate copayment. Please be aware that if you book a taxi in some other way, Kela will not reimburse you for the trip.

  1. Call to book a taxi by 2 pm the previous day. You should call the regional number also if you need a taxi unexpectedly or forgot to book a taxi on the preceding day. You can book the trips that you know you will make in the next 14 days all at the same time.
  2. The dispatcher will tell you when the taxi will pick you up. Please note that there may be other passengers sharing the ride with you, which may affect how long the trip takes. Learn more about ride sharing.
  3. If the taxi does not arrive at the agreed time, call the regional dispatch centre again.
  4. If the details of your trip change or you wish to cancel a transportation request, call the regional dispatch centre immediately.
  5. Remember to present your Kela card to the driver before the trip.

If you have a certificate issued for the long-term use of a taxi, you can also book a taxi by visiting the service provider’s website.  More information is available from the service providers listed below. 

Customers with the right to a familiar taxi driver

If your driver will no longer accept Kela-reimbursed rides after 1 July 2018, contact your regional dispatch centre to find out how to have a familiar driver.

Regional dispatch numbers

When you wish to book a taxi, you will be asked the following information:

  • your reason for needing a taxi (health status or challenging travel arrangements)
  • your name and personal identity code
  • your pick-up address
  • your destination (e.g. hospital)
  • latest possible time of arrival at the place of treatment
  • any assistive devices you use and whether you need to stop at a pharmacy
  • any person accompanying you
  • the phone number where you can be reached.

Calls to your regional dispatch number are free of charge.

If you don’t know which region your municipality belongs to, please refer to the list of municipalities (PDF, in Finnish).

Region Dispatch number Service provider
Regional dispatch numbers
Southern Ostrobothnia 0800 99 090 Seinäjoen Keskustaksi Oy
Etelä-Savo 0800 302245 Pro-Keskus Oy
Etelä-Karjala 0800 50 123 Taksi Saimaa Oy
Kainuu 0800 93 153 Kainuun Taksivälitys Oy
Kanta-Häme 0800 98 821  

Taksi Helsinki Oy

Central and Northern Ostrobothnia 0800 93 150 (Finnish),
0800 93 151 (Swedish)
Pohjois-Suomen Taksi Oy
Keski-Suomi 0800 30 22 59 Pro-Keskus Oy
Kymenlaakso 0800 30 2333 Kymenlaakson Taksi Oy
Lapland 0800 30 2240 Pro-Keskus Oy

Menevä Oy

Pirkanmaa 0800 98 811 Tampereen Aluetaksi Oy
Pohjanmaa 0800 99 000 Vaasan Ulataksi Oy
Pohjois-Karjala 0800 30 2255 Pro-Keskus Oy
Pohjois-Savo 0800 30 2250 Pro-Keskus Oy
Päijät-Häme 0800 9 4220 Taksi-Päijänne Oy
Satakunta 0800 12 0001 Lounais-Suomen Taxidata Oy
Uusimaa 0800 96 130 (Finnish),
0800 96 140 (Swedish)
Menevä Oy
Varsinais-Suomi 0800 13 0001 (Finnish),
0800 13 0002 (Swedish)
Lounais-Suomen Taxidata Oy

Calls to the dispatch centre are recorded for quality assurance. Kela may sometimes check a transport request afterwards. The information you provide over the phone will not be used for any other purpose than as required to arrange the trip and process the reimbursement. The data controller within the meaning of the Personal Data Act is Kela.

Customers with a hearing or speech impairment

Customers with a hearing or speech impairment can book a taxi by sending a text message. However, the customer's personal information must be provided over the phone before the first ride. Instructions for how to book a taxi by text message will be provided at the same time.

Check if your service provider will change

There will be changes to some taxi service providers on 1 July 2018. In order to continue using text messages to book a taxi, you must call the regional dispatch number the first time you wish to book a taxi after 1 July 2018.

Region Dispatch number
Regions where the service provider will change
Kainuu 0800 93153
Kanta-Häme 18182
Central and Northern Ostrobothnia 0800 93150 (Finnish), 0800 93152 (Swedish)
Central Finland 0800 302259
Lapland 18567
Pohjois-Savo 0800 302250
Päijät-Häme 0800 94220
Satakunta 0800 120001
Uusimaa 18567

Customer feedback and questions

If you wish to give feedback or if you have questions about your trip, contact your regional dispatch centre.