Transport by taxi

If you call the regional dispatch number to book a taxi, you can get a reimbursement for any trip for which you need a taxi

  • for health reasons or
  • because of difficult travel arrangements.

Trips made for the purpose of getting vaccinated for COVID-19

Clients who for health reasons are prevented from using public transportation, or it is not available, can get a reimbursement for using a taxi  between 27 March 2021 and 30 June 2022.

Health reasons

If you need a taxi for health reasons, you will have to present a certificate from the healthcare provider on form SV 67. Keep this certificate for six months.

If you have already submitted to Kela a certificate from the healthcare provider proving your continuing right to the use of a taxi (form SV 67), you need not submit a new certificate when you visit a public healthcare provider. When you book a taxi, tell the dispatcher that you have the certificate.

In order to get a reimbursement for trips made to a private healthcare provider, a certificate from the healthcare provider (form SV 67) is always needed. The certificate must indicate whether the examination or treatment provided is reimbursable by Kela.

No certificate is needed if a representative of the healthcare provider calls the regional dispatch centre to book a taxi for you for health reasons.

Difficult travel arrangements

If you have to use a taxi because of difficult travel arrangements, you must tell the dispatch centre about this when booking a taxi.

If it is possible to use public transport for a certain portion of the trip, you can use a taxi for the part for which no public transport is available or where the transfer waiting time would be unreasonably long (more than an hour).

The Åland Islands use an authorisation procedure for taxi transport. You can hand the driver a certificate about the use of a taxi (form SV 67).


You may share the ride you book with people who are also travelling to a healthcare provider.

The use of ride-sharing means that

  • you may arrive at the healthcare provider an hour before your appointment
  • you may have to wait an hour for your ride home. If you booked the ride home at least an hour before the desired time, you do not have to wait any extra time.
  • your travel time may be twice as long as a direct taxi connection. However, the maximum by which your travel time can be lengthened is two hours.

Ride-sharing is not used if you have a certificate from a health care provider exempting you from it (certificate on form SV 67).