Service in different languages

Kela’s basic customer service languages are Finnish, Swedish and English. If you do not speak any of the above-mentioned languages, you can ask for interpreter assistance.

You can handle most Kela-related matters by phone. You can also book an appointment and ask for interpreter assistance by phone.

If you speak a little Finnish or Swedish, we recommend that you try our e-services.

How does the war in Ukraine affect the benefits available from Kela?

Can refugees from Ukraine get Kela benefits? Do the sanctions imposed on Russia affect benefits? You will now find answers also in Ukrainian and in Russian to some frequently asked questions about the war in Ukraine and the social security benefits available from Kela.

Brochures in different languages

Kela brochures are available in a number of languages. All brochures are available in Finnish and Swedish, and some are available in English. Brochures in other languages are listed below. 

The family leave reform – The parental allowance system is being reformed

The upcoming family leave reform will bring changes to the duration and timing of parental leaves and parental allowances. The changes introduced in the reform apply to parents expecting a child on or after 4 September 2022. Applications for the new parental allowances will become available starting from 1 May 2022.

Read more about the family leave reform in other languages: