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You may be entitled to a rehabilitation subsidy or a disability pension from Kela if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have an illness or injury that prevents you from earning a reasonable living. Kela will evaluate how your illness affects your work capacity.
  • You are aged between 16 and 64.
  • You have obtained a medical statement (medical statement B), that includes a treatment or rehabilitation plan. The plan can also be a document separate from the medical statement. Read more about how to apply for Kela rehabilitation.
  • You have lived in Finland for at least the time required by law. However, you do not need to fulfil this requirement if you became incapacitated for work before you turned 19 years old and were living in Finland at the time, or if you have previously received the disability allowance for persons under the age of 16.
  • Your other pensions and benefits do not exceed the income limit. Learn more about how your family circumstances and the earnings or benefits you receive affect the amount of your national pension

You can receive a rehabilitation subsidy or a disability pension from Kela, your authorised pension provider, or both. Learn more about your right to a disability pension under the acts on earnings-related pensions (tyoelake.fi)

Good to know

  • If you have reached the age of 60 and have had a long career, your incapacity for work is assessed in relation to your own work.
  • People who are permanently blind or have a mobility disability are entitled to a disability pension even if they work. However, in order to qualify for a disability pension, income from your other pensions may not exceed Kela’s income limit.
  • As we process your application, the first thing to resolve is what your possibilities for rehabilitation are.

If you are under 20 years of age

For those under 20 years old, the rehabilitation allowance for young persons is the primary benefit. If a young person applies for a disability pension, Kela will first investigate their eligibility for the rehabilitation allowance for young persons. It is only after this that their eligibility for rehabilitation subsidy or disability pension is assessed.

If you are under 20 years of age, you can be granted a rehabilitation subsidy or a disability pension in the following situations:

When someone over the age of 16 is granted a rehabilitation subsidy or a disability pension, the payment of child benefit and any disability allowance will stop. They can apply for the care allowance for pensioners in place of the disability allowance.

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