Benefits available from Kela

The benefits available from Kela cover a wide range of situations. For example, Kela provides financial assistance to families with children, students, people of working age, and  pensioners. Kela can also provide benefits in the event of illness, incapacity and functional impairment.

Who can get benefits from Kela?

Most Kela benefits are available in situations where your ability to earn a living or to keep working has declined. You can also get benefits in specific situations of life, such as childbirth or when a young person starts studying.

How much is my benefit?

The amounts of the benefits available from Kela are laid down in law. The amount of your benefit often depends on your personal situation, your income and expenses, the municipality you live in, and the degree to which you need help.

More information about the amount and payment of benefits is available on the pages describing the individual benefits.

Calculate the amount of assistance that may be available to you

You can use online calculators to estimate whether you might be eligible for Kela benefits. The calculators will also tell you how much you could get. Please remember that the calculators can only provide an estimate, which is based on the information you supply. You will find out the exact amount when your benefit application has been approved by Kela.

Calculate the amount of aid that may be available to you (In Finnish)