Amount and payment of sickness allowance

Sickness allowance is usually calculated on the basis of your confirmed taxable earnings. If disability for work begins in 2019, the sickness allowance is calculated on the basis of taxable earnings for 2017.

Earnings are multiplied by a wage coefficient. Earnings include wages and salaries and certain other earnings. They do not include, for example, copyright royalties or stock options.


Use a calculator to estimate the amount of your sickness allowance and the length of the payment period.

Link to the calculator

There is a calculator you can use to estimate the amount of the sickness allowance. You can also calculate the length of the sickness allowance payment period, i.e., the number of days for which the sickness allowance is paid.

Sickness allowance is paid for working days. Working days are the days from Monday to Saturday, not including mid-week holidays.

Payment date

The sickness allowance is paid to you in arrears once every payment period. The first instalment is paid after 6 working days and the second 25 days after that. Visit Kela’s online service to find out the next payment date of the sickness allowance.

Sickness allowance at the minimum rate

If your sickness allowance would be less than the minimum rate of €27.86, you are paid the allowance at the minimum rate. 

Any other statutory social security benefits and pensions paid for the same period of time may reduce the amount of the sickness allowance. As a result, the sickness allowance may be lower than the minimum rate or may not be payable at all.