How to claim sickness allowance

If you are in paid employment and your employer continues to pay you during a period of illness, your employer will claim the sickness allowance. The sickness allowance is paid directly to your employer.

  1. Claim sickness allowance online. Log in to Kela's online customer service (in Finnish and Swedish) using your bank ID or a mobile ID.
    • You should state your employer and the contents of your work in the application. If you have more than one places of employment, inform from which work you have been absent and which work you have been able to perform.

    • If you are self-employed or a farmer, you can claim YEL and Mela allowance online. Kela forwards your claim to the relevant pension provider or to Mela.

      Apply for sickness allowance quickly online

      Send the claim and supporting documents via Kela's online customer service system. Clearly legible documents photographed with a phone are accepted.

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  2. Scan or take a photo of the supporting documents and send them over the internet.
    You may wish to write a cover note for example if the document you are sending is relevant to several different benefits.
    • If you have a medical certificate on the 'A' form, you are usually eligible for up to 60 days of sickness allowance. A more detailed medical certificate on the 'B' form is needed after that.
    • If your income has increased or fluctuated, and you claim the allowance based on your six-month income, your employer can report your pay information to Kela via the online service for employers or on form Y 17e.
    • If you have sustained an injury in a traffic accident or other incident, or you have an occupational disease, you can submit the required information via Kela's online customer service system or enclose with your claim the form Accident report (SV 143e).
  3. On the online customer service website, you can check whether your claim has been processed and how large your allowance will be.

Alternatively you can complete and print out a sickness allowance claim (form SV 8e) and mail it to Kela along with any supporting documents.

When to claim

File your claim within 2 months of the onset of work incapacity.

Renewing a claim

You need not file a new claim if the same illness recurs within two months of the end of the previous sickness allowance period. Instead, you should submit to Kela a new medical certificate stating that you are unfit for work. Kela may ask you to present a medical certificate on the 'B' form if you are ill for an extended period.

Additional documentation

Kela may ask you to provide additional documentation about your health status or work circumstances. Kela may also refer you to further tests for example in a treatment or examination facility in order to obtain an assessment of your health and your capacity for work. This will normally be free of charge to you. You will be sent a written decision about the sickness allowance by Kela, in which you will be informed about the further tests. Payment of the sickness allowance usually continues until such time as the tests have been completed and it is possible to come to a decision on your claim.

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